Since childhood, I have been interested in the unseen, hidden spaces, covert connections, back alleys, history’s secrets, personal stories, polarities, severities, quiet magick, and what lies on the other side of our waking life here on Earth. With a Sun, Ascendant, Saturn and Pluto placement in the First House/Scorpio, I’m deeply intrigued by transformation, metamorphosis, how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen.  

If my work was a constellation it would be called “Identity”, and all of the stars would be: finding voice, sharing story, life metamorphosis, and helping others discover and use the most powerful tool they've already got: themselves. Through photographic journeying, divination, and visual art for the heart, I help creatives, seekers, and visionary entrepreneurs reclaim their voices and tell their stories. I seek to reveal the untold stories of our lives.

My creative process asks for intimate conversation and connection with clients and subjects, so that we can bring the whole of who they are into the work we create together.  In The Good Old Days project I collect and collage people’s personal stories on what it means to live “the good old days” as a way to reveal the shadows behind our national history and contribute to the collective conversation about how we define “America” and being “American.”

My portraiture work serves the activist, artist, and non-conformist beginning to think about and construct a personal mythology and visual story as he/she/they plans to be more visible in a digital space. I collaborate with those who are ready to more fully show up as oneself in their business, tell their own story, and break from the visual molds that have been placed around them.

Through divination and private magickal practice I work with visionaries, artists, and writers in planning for the creative seasons of their year ahead and assist them in clearing space so that their work can be made with consistent focus and more ease. 


kunst magick and SACRED STOCK (coming fall 2017) are branches of my work that weave my loves for the fine arts, decorative arts, and sacred arts:

If you are in need of sacred stock photography for your blog, teaching material or website that features a diverse range of styles, subject matter and representation of practitioners, you will soon find that here on my website. If there is something you wish to see with more representation and more availability in sacred arts, occult and magickal stock photography reach out to me. Let's see what we can conjure up.

If looking for personal gifts and objects of meaning for your home or altar space, discover luxe ritual tools and decorative arts treasures from independent artisans and vintage hunts at my online bespokery, kunst magick. This falls in line with my commitment to shine more light on the talents of independent artisans that often go unseen. At kunst magick, we serve magickal workers and decorative arts lovers who desire a little more luxury in their magick and one-of-a kind occult and sacred objects to enhance the energy of their home.



Throughout the year, I will be making changes to my creative work, life habits, and business that are aligned with my commitments to the planet and its people. Some of my commitments this year are to deepen connections with the communities I am involved in, give voice to those who feel they have lost theirs/are not seen and heard (but would like to be), and support the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of marginalized groups in the ways that are wanted by those communities. Other commitments of mine are focused on reducing my personal carbon footprint and bringing nature back to focus.


For me, commitments are acts of devotion that encourage long-term, sustainable, lifestyle change. Commitments do not feel as pressurized nor restrictive as the action of setting goals and crafting a timeline of desired accomplishments -- an action which places my focus on the future. Instead, commitments bring my focus to the present, to each choice as I make it, to what I can do today, to each step as it is taken on this journey.


Two of my initial steps into these commitments are offering reduced divination rates (which you can find here) and donating a portion of my work profits to charities each month that have similar commitments and missions. As the year continues, my personal work and offerings will be shaped by the additional commitments found below.


My commitments for this year  


-I am committed to lessening my impact on animal suffering through the zero purchasing of down pillows and blankets. Natural furs, leathers and animal parts are either to be vintage or sustainably sourced.


 -I am committed to supporting local and independent artisans and shops through the zero purchasing of decorative objects and home decor from chain or high volume stores. All purchases will be made through small curated shops, independent studios, small dealers, or the artisans themselves. At kunst magick we collaborate with craftsman and artists on limited edition works throughout the year.


-I am committed to supporting independent and small fashion collectors and shops – while reducing my contribution to fashion waste – through the purchasing of preowned and pre-loved clothing and accessories.


-Each month, a percentage of work profits are donated to a charity or organization with a similar mission of deepening community connection, giving voice to those who feel they have lost theirs/are not seen and heard (but would like to be), and supporting the physical/mental/emotional wellness of marginalized groups in the ways that are wanted/needed. I am committed to equal voice and equal care. Some of the organizations that will be supported this year: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Women for Women International, Malala Fund, The Incarnation Center, The Ali Forney Center, The Audubon Society, Standing Rock.


-Two-thirds of all purchased or downloaded books will be about or by marginalized peoples and those other than cis-gendered, able-bodied white men. I am committed to shining light on talents that often go unrecognized.


-I am committed to the wellness of our environment; therefore I will be more diligent about picking up garbage in my neighborhood.


-I am committed to providing care, attention, and service to those who often go without it due to the cycle of poverty through the offering of free Holy Hours sessions each month to those who fall below the poverty line.  



I hold a Master's degree in the History of Decorative Arts and Design from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with The New School; Majoring in German 18th Century Palatial Interior Architecture with a Minor concentration in Roman Landscapes, 1485-1650. Undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Queensland and Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University with a Printmaking Concentration.

I am Reiki Level 1&2 certified as well as a certified Advanced Practitioner of Interior Alignment™, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ Practitioner, ACCESS BARS™ Practitioner, Prayer Practitioner, Spirit Guide Coach, Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Practitioner, NOW Program Practitioner, a graduate of the Miracle Tree Sessions and Wellness and Recovery Peer Mentor with Suffolk County, New York. 

I am greatly blessed to have been mentored by amazing souls Decorative Arts Historian Ulrich Leben, Ph.D., Manhattan Medium Thomas John, Russian Realism Painter Leonid Gervits, Root Magic and Miracle Maker Bri Saussy, activist and writer Kelly Diels, and photojournalist Haruka Sakaguchi throughout my work.

I currently serves as a community caretaker in Briana Saussy's Miracle Tree Sessions and Spinning Gold, both year-long intensives that focus on the history and practice of rootwork, ritual, and spiritual practice.

My off-duty pleasures in life include: studying flower symbolism and garden history, bird watching, German Rococo, dainty desserts, traveling, antiquing, printmaking, snowshoeing, taking walks with the cats, portraiture, museum going, and endless online shopping for vintage.   

I currently split my time between New York, the Colorado Rockies, and Italy.



A visual letter where soul + story meet.


Where you go, I go, but what we share between us doesn’t travel anywhere.

xo J