portrait work

This journey we are all on –life– is complex. messy. beautiful. And most of us are trying to figure it all out as we go along.


There are a few things we know are true and certain: death –and, of course, taxes.

But there is one thing that is an infinite lesson:



How we learn love, show love, define love and receive love, in relation to ourself and others, is a life-long education. I listen for these conversations about love in the whispers spoken in stillness and in the between, and in the stories communicated through the language of touch and body. Within my portrait work, my intention is to capture the exchange of love: between woman and herself, mother and her child. In workshops and one-to-one conversation I guide women back into loving relationships with their bodies.

And with a stellium in my first house/scorpio, I am most intrigued by how we see ourselves (love ourselves), how we want to be seen (and loved) and how we actually show up in the world (are we loving ourselves enough to honor our wants and boundaries) – and the transformation that occurs within and outside of us as we redefine and reclaim who we are in age, love and collected experiences. Therefore, my work serves those who are ready to embody more love and show up more fully in their relationships with themselves.

Through portraiture, workshops and treks across the globe, I guide women back home to their voice, confidence and sensuality.

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personal work

I have two ongoing personal projects where I examine the relationship oneself has with power.  

In my documentary project "Breaking Points" I explore three themes of the domestic abuse journey through visual and written storytelling in partnership with DA survivors themselves: first red flags, breaking points, and pieces of the self reclaimed. I ask why one stayed, why one left, and how personal power is being taken back. This project was inspired by my own healing journey from a ten-year domestic abuse relationship.

In "The Hunters and the Hunted" I document my time in the intercoastal swampland of North Carolina as the only woman living with and caring for nearly 300 male hunters during the winter. I observe the relationship between life, death, and our power(lessness) over nature.   


I hold a Master's degree in the History of Decorative Arts and Design from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with The New School; Majoring in German 18th Century Palatial Interior Architecture with a Minor concentration in Roman Landscapes, 1485-1650. Undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Queensland and Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University with a Printmaking Concentration.

I currently serve as a community caretaker in Briana Saussy's Miracle Tree Sessions and Spinning Gold, both year-long intensives that focus on the history and practice of rootwork, ritual, and self sovereignty.

Off-duty pleasures in life include: studying plant magic and garden history, penning notes of the heart, indulging in an Italian spread for lunch, and endless browsing of designer vintage.