Photo by Nathan West

Photo by Nathan West

I always tell folks, the camera saved me. It saved me from myself and it has saved me during an intense healing from an abusive 10 year chapter. And, it’s helped me heal a life-long fractured relationship to my body and to my being.

Photography is more than a job or a hobby to me. It is the way I breathe. It is life force energy. It is my craft and artistry. And it is my mission to create environments and experiences that facilitate and cultivate radical presence in the body and the reclamation of divine feminine power and self.

With a stellium in my first house/scorpio, I am most intrigued by how we see ourselves, how we want to be seen, and how we actually show up in the world. My work is inspired by the transformation that occurs within and outside of us as we redefine and reclaim who we are in age, love and collected experiences; and therefore, it best serves women on journeys of self-discovery and transformation and those who are ready to show up more fully in their relationships with themselves.

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SEEN In: People Magazine April 1, 2019 / (Best Of Category) PhotoVOGUE / Poets & Writers Vol.47 No.1 / ELLE February 2019 /The Oprah Magazine March 2019 / The New York Times / The Big Whisper / The Numinous / Wild Elixir Podcast / Woman Rising Podcast // TEACHING At: Maha Rose

“My friend, I wish I could communicate to you and those who consider participating in your work what a powerful and empowering experience it is to have someone really see you. I don't know how to communicate what power you have to capture the true spirit of a person in their process of becoming. All I can say is that anything you do is full of soul and communication and totally comfortable. So here's what a woman of age and wisdom would add to this discussion.: yours truly will be contracting with you to do such a shoot within the next two years - even if I need to travel cross country to make it happen!” –Rachel Burwell

"...Photos such as this one help me see myself from a distance. I can see the strength and power in my eyes, I see a woman who is not giving up in the face of turmoil. Who still shows up with determination to love...and love again. Thank you @jacquelyntierney for reflecting my light and reminding me of my beauty. This is me."

–Chelsea Edwardson, Musician

"Having my picture taken by Jackie was one of the most things fun things I've done all year; her true eye makes my heart glad."

–Esme Weijun Wang, Author of The Border of Paradise and The Collected Schizophrenias

"The experience with Jacquelyn was effortless and supportive. Her energy is deeply healing and makes you feel like a queen."

–Pepper Monroe, Breathwork Guide + Doula

“I LOVE ALL OF THESE TOO MUCH IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOOOOSE! Thank you, again, for this experience and seeing me in a different way than what I’m used to!” –Andréa Johnson, Coaching As Activism

Deepest gratitude to @jacquelyntierney for what is absolutely the best picture anyone has ever taken of me. Taken by the window in the construction zone that will become the nursery, coyote fur full of holes, the sun dancing across the room, crumbs on my lap and my bun in the oven, feeling like @beyonce" --@carolineyesss


I've been an artist all my life. I still remember receiving my very first box of PRISMA colored pencils in elementary school (it was the 150 set, and yes, they are still arranged in the exact color order in which they came —and I’m in my 30’s). I started printmaking at the age of 13, and taking design courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology the next year. In my undergraduate studies I concentrated on etching, silkscreen, letterpress and the printing of wallpaper. My work then transitioned into a split between abstract painting and figurative painting at the Art Students League in NYC while studying decorative arts history at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the Design Museum of the Smithsonian.

In 2010, I put my personal practice down for six years to concentrate on studies in the sacred and energetic arts (including reiki, astrology, cartomancy, mediumship, rootwork, numerology and feng shui), and did not pick it back up again until 2016, when I scheduled myself a solo trip to Japan to learn portrait and lifestyle photography. The lifestyle stuff I discarded, but the portrait work made my creative heart beat again. I haven’t stopped photographing since.


I hold a Master's degree in the History of Decorative Arts and Design from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in conjunction with Parsons The New School; Majoring in German 18th Century Palatial Interior Architecture with a Minor concentration in Roman Landscapes, 1485-1650. Undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Queensland and Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University with a Printmaking Concentration.

I served as a community caretaker in Briana Saussy's Miracle Tree Sessions and Spinning Gold, both year-long intensives that focus on the history and practice of rootwork, ritual, and self sovereignty.

And, I have traveled to nearly 30 countries and all 50 states.  


Off-duty pleasures in life include:

Studying plant magic and garden history, listening to as many audiobooks as I can, flying over the western canyons with my Love, indulging in an Italian spread for lunch, and endless browsing of designer vintage.  


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