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The future is infinite and it is yours.




You've never done this before. Or, maybe you have, but it's been a while. It's been a long while. You weren't ready to be seen. Your body has changed. You’re skin has new history etched as wrinkles. You experienced loss. You went through some tough life shit. You've aged.

You've changed.

But, you never forgot who you are at your core. You never let your light be completely snuffed out.

You just took some time to yourself.

Now, world, look at this face.

This is the face of something extraordinary.

That you have never known,

but are about to.

The World better get ready to see you.


This is an intimate portrait session in the studio where we capture your essence and personal power in a striking portraiture set-up: one light, one backdrop, one outfit change. We are looking for that one golden and iconic shot that you will forever use as your go-to image for the media, the author image in the back of your best-selling book or that reminder you keep tucked into the corner of your bathroom mirror when you feel like you don't know what the hell you are doing with your life and it's all going to go to shit: you've got this. 


  • 45min shoot time
  • Private gallery for viewing
  • Delivery of the golden shot and one alternate version in a web resolution digital file for personal use
  • Standard retouching

print + album upgrades available

- Investment $500

These sessions are on a limited first come, first served basis and available in cities on the current calendar.




And then, you remembered who you are.

You are: Power, Magic, Beautiful, Courageous AF. 

Vulnerable yet Brave.

Soft yet Strong.

Your "flaws" are your perfections.

It is time to step into your purpose, to take up space, push limits, rock the boat and define beauty, sensuality, love, life on your terms.

"You belong only to yourself, not to this world." –Nikita Gill


A Devotion to Myself is an intimate day of sacred healing, portrait and documentary photography in your sacred space, a creative studio, and/or scouted location. The photographic approach in this session is to document the magical period of transition between deep metamorphosis and the unveiling of a new self, a bolder self, an unapologetic self through the making of collaborative photographic art. You have hated on yourself for far too long, and you are ready to break from the societal molds that have been placed upon you. You are ready to be more conscious, present and deliberate about the way you present yourself, telling your story and your vision in your own words. 

If you have been on a deep and full journey of personal discovery, then a full day Devotional session will document the very beginnings of a new self firmly rooted in it’s sovereignty and skill, highlighting the inner strength, wisdom and personal power gained in the process of reclamation and transformation. Make a Devotion to Myself part of your glow up plan right now.


  • Pre-session wardrobe guidance + mood board
  • 6 hr total healing and photographic time at your home or pre-chosen studio location
  • (Divided into 3hr morning session + 3hr evening session)
  • Divination and ritual to open and close the session
  • Light organic fare
  • Private gallery for viewing
  • Delivery of full suite of web resolution digital files with standard retouching
  • Curated gift box for the senses

print + album upgrades available


These albums are one of a kind art books that document the story of your shoot through a curated selection of images from your session. All albums and their boxes are hand bound, illustrated and printed on a highest quality fine art paper. Delivery is between 6-8 weeks after our session. Custom quoted.

- Investment $2200+

Most clients opt for full day sessions as it allows for 4-5 looks and a variety of images that can be used for personal websites, social media, and digital marketing + self promotion. Destination sessions available*




Does it feel real yet?

You are your own dream.

No matter how crazy everyone else said you were for doing what you did.

No matter how far-fetched your reality of today once seemed.

You dreamt it, and YOU made it happen.

Because YES, you fucking love yourself.

You believed in yourself.

You did it your way.

And you ain't never going to apologize for it.

It's time to lay down the work for a minute and celebrate yourself.


This multi-day weekend session is high-concept storytelling for you visionaries and iconoclasts in your sacred spaces, creative studio, photography studio and/or scouted location. The photographic approach in this session is to craft (or re-construct) personal mythology, developing an entire visual language and vocabulary –– just like a designer brand campaign. We will establish your personal mythology and visual language through talismans and symbols, personal possessions, precise garment choice, cultural references, and the elements of design as they stand on their own and as they adorn your body and environment. Portraiture, still life, flat lay and environmental photography are included as they fit within your message and story.

This is an invitation into the soul of your inner-most landscapes and rally cry. No destination is too far -- visually and literally.


  • Creation of Visual Inspiration board + 2 hours of pre-session style assessments, development and creative brainstorming. This is when we discuss the mood of your images, consider the inclusion of props, and choose the garments to bring to and/or source for your shoot,

  • Followed by a custom list of what to pack and how to prepare on the day of the shoot, sent to you prior to our session.

  • A blessing ceremony to enter into the sacred space of collaboration.

  • Styling and fitting with a stylist in the morning followed by a light lunch.

  • Onsite Hair and Makeup

  • Full day of on-site portraiture in your home, studio, scouted and/or a rented studio location.

  • Drinks (water, wine, champagne) and gourmet lunch provided. *Please inform of any food allergies before our session.

  • Delivery of 100 final edited photographs in high resolution format

  • Delivery of the golden shot in a framed 24 x 36" archival print.

  • Custom designed hard cover Fine Art Book of your Personal Campaign

- Inquire for price

A portion of the profits from this multi-day session are donated to a #bodypositivity organization or campaign of your choice.


35% non-refundable booking fee to reserve your session date, 35% due at the time of your photo session and the remaining 30% due upon delivery of final digital files. Payments are accepted via cash, debit, credit, PayPal, and PayPal Credit (look into this option for 6 month financing). Sessions cannot be reserved without the 35% booking fee.



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