Chikae Howland, Photographer & Artist

Chikae Howland, Photographer & Artist

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Stephanie Juen, Account Manager

Stephanie Juen, Account Manager

The Traditional Sitting.

For those interested in a refined approach to having their portrait taken The Traditional Sitting offers one timeless look in a classical pose and editorial style captured against a carefully chosen backdrop or setting. We approach this sitting with the intention of capturing 1-3 captivating images that can be used as your primary portrait for your website, author photo or legacy.

Time: 1hr

Held at your home or a studio space in select cities.

All digital images, prints and editorial albums are purchased separately.


Subject to sales tax.

Media Kits.

Media Kit Sessions are designed for those looking to build a kit of images for their business and/or creative work including website, digital marketing, instagram, editorial features and brand campaigns. These sessions take place within your home and property, studio space and/or a scouted location and supports four to five different looks.

Time: 4- 5hrs

100-125 web resolution images are included and receive standard retouching

Held at your home, office, studio and or outdoors.

Prints and Custom Editorial Albums are purchased separately.


Subject to sales tax.

Jardana Peacock, Poet and Activist

Jardana Peacock, Poet and Activist

The Reclamation Sessions.

We have been sold visual definitions of sensual, erotic, provocative and feminine power that are constructed through the male gaze: poses to make us look smaller, make-up to cover our "flaws", styling that cheaply exposes the parts of ourselves we hold most sacred.

What if there was a different way?

There is.

Introducing the Reclamation Sessions. The New Boudoir. In these editorial-styled boudoir sessions we disrupt the contemporary notion of boudoir -- dressing, or undressing -- to seduce and perform for someone else, and instead take charge of styling our own visual narratives that empower and celebrate ourselves.

Instead of being forced to choose between the current mainstream look of a blinding off-camera flash, pounds of makeup, and a wardrobe of cheap lingerie you will likely never wear again you can now be provocative in your natural beauty, in your own natural way.

Instead of getting naked as we’ve been taught, we reveal only what we want and keep the rest sacred for ourselves.

Instead of feeling like we have to pose our bodies to look smaller we’re going to be more liberal with our flesh.

Instead of exposing it all, we can cover up ALL the bits with sumptuous fabrics.

Instead of accepting that the only way to feel better in our skin is to subject ourselves to a look designed to arouse the patriarchal gaze, we’re going to show up for our bodies and ourselves in ways that make US feel beautiful.

In these sessions, you can channel anything your heart desires, from coquettish courtesan to no nonsense call girl, girl next door to intimate and seasoned lover.

This is sacred sensuality and divine feminine reclaimed on your terms. Start declaring them now.

Time: 2hr

30 digital web resolution images included.

Held at a select location fit for the mood of boudoir.

Prints and editorial albums are purchased separately.


Subject to Sales Tax

To book a session, please use the Inquiry form below:

Alyssa Burtt, Brand Strategist

Alyssa Burtt, Brand Strategist

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*All Sessions are Available Throughout The US And Abroad. Travel fees may apply.

Prints & Editorial Art Books

These albums are one of a kind art books that document the story of your shoot through a curated selection of images from your session. All albums and their boxes are hand bound, illustrated and printed on a highest quality fine art paper. Custom quoted.

Payment Policy. 

A 50% non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your session date and time. The remaining 50% is due the day of your session. Due to travel reservations and associated costs made before the shoot, cancelations made within two weeks of your session are non-refundable. Payments are accepted via credit, PayPal, and PayPal Credit (look into this option for 6 month financing). Sessions cannot be reserved without the 50% booking fee.