coming home

a return to self through the road of self-portraiture.

March 25th - 31st, 2018

*Class has begun. Next Registration May 2018*

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I wish I could love my body more.

I wish I could feel more beautiful.

I wish I could stop feeling so depressed.

I wish I could stop feeling so afraid of what I know I’m capable of.

I wish I could get out of this cycle I’m in.

I wish I could live the life of my dreams.



In Coming Home,

learn how to turn "I wish" into "I am"


I am beautiful. I am confident. I am unstoppable.

and Come Home to the power of your voice, your body, your beauty, your sensuality, and your confidence once again.



what this program is:


  • 7 days of creative exercises designed to help you reclaim yourself in real time through the development of a mini-series of self-portrait images and one powerful self-portrait at the end of the week.

  • Additional lessons + teachings on contemporary women artists with self-portrait practices as inspiration for your own series and ways to go deeper into self-discovery.

  • Private Facebook group for creative guidance, support and discussion on the experiences and art of self-portraiture.

  • Video content delivered each morning with a more in-depth look at the day’s assignment and addressing any thematic questions surfacing in the group threads.

  • Nightly check-ins within the facebook group to support you through the process of seeing yourself and coming home to your heart.


Additional 1:1 creative coaching is available after the program if you wish to continue on with your journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment through self-portraiture.


Begins Sunday, March 25, 2018



how it works:


Our time together will begin by taking a look at the physical self and how we move in our bodies, so that you can meet with your discomforts (and then flip ‘em the bird) and locate your favorite physical parts (to love on and accentuate in your photos.)

Then, we’ll look at the influences our ancestry and current environments have on the stories we tell ourselves (and then we’ll rewrite them if we want to.)

And, we will get more intentional about we how show up in the world (and start owning the way we style ourselves.)


If a picture says a thousand words, let's make sure it's saying the right words about you.



the results you'll get:


While other people teach mental self-help strategies and visualization techniques -- see it, believe it, and it will come -- Coming Home shows you how to actually see your power, your beauty, your potential -- in tangible form through the experience of self-portraiture.


-You will feel more confident showing up publicly. No more fear booking speaking gigs and performances, connecting with clients and your audience on video, asking someone out who you’ve been dreaming about. mmmhmmmm.


-You’ll be less fearful of intimacy. Lights on? Sure thing!


-You’ll start to reclaim your sensuality and beauty without shame. Go on and wear that lrd (little red dress). It’s ok to be full on yourself.


-You will discover powerful and magical parts of your soul that you didn’t know existed. Never thought you were the type to take that big risk? Now you know you can.


A picture gives you strength. It gives you permission to be seen. And it gives you the courage to be who you are in a way you can't get from anything else.



This program is for

the person who wants to:


-Make self-love; Find an outlet for healing after spiritual trauma and abuse; Stop beating themselves up for how their body has changed over time;


Reclaim their sensuality without shame and guilt; Finally release the old hurts; Feel confident enough to go for the big risks; Stop feeling like they have to quiet down their personality; Make a damn good self-portrait to plaster all over their profiles.


(because celebration of self and vanity are not the same.)


who this program is not for:


-Those who just want to up their selfie game. (Of course your selfies are likely to improve, but this program is rooted in the transformational experience of self-portraiture and amor de soi -- self-love and self-validation from the heart.)

-Anyone who is critical, judgmental, or believes that bodies and health should look a certain way AND/OR who wants to make others feel less than or small. Violent and abusive language, images and actions will not be tolerated and you will lose your access to the group and the course should you engage in such behaviour.

-Those who aren’t willing to do the work of showing up for their life, their heart, their body and their beauty in a committed way.


Ready to reclaim your power?



When I think back on my own self-portrait practice, I always tell folks, "this practice saved me."

It saved me from deep depression, excruciating soul ache and self-destruction. My self-portrait practice was the constant that kept me from being spiritually uprooted and blown off into the winds of friendship betrayal, leaving a domestic abuse relationship, walking away from all my financial security in an afternoon and completely burning down my life of a decade. My camera + my practice provided me some of the greatest healing tools of my life.

I've been documenting my road back to self each month, watching how my confidence, personal power, sensuality and self-love have evolved from looking and feeling ill, depleted and grey, into a rich and deeply rooted energy I have never before seen from myself.

For so long I thought I lost my light, my beauty, my way in life...but the experience of self-portraiture helped me find all of that again. It has helped me do things I never thought I would have the confidence to do -- like actually posting photos of myself on my social media pages, reaching out to dream collaborators, teaching classes.

When we see ourselves, we start to make subtle shifts in our lives that lead to profound changes.


I want that for you too.

It starts today.

J O I N   M E   H E R E .

Closed Contact Jenny Saville.jpg

*Self-portrait Image by Artist Jenny Saville


What tools do I need for this course?

You need some form of a camera (slr, dslr, iphone, polaroid, pinhole, etc.) (Painters and illustrators are welcome too! but I will be teaching primarily through examples of photography.) You will also need something to journal and sketch in/on. Tablets, paper notebooks and computers are all great -- you choose what you feel most comfortable working on. Lastly, you may want to invest in an editing tool such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for either your computer or mobile device. In-phone apps such as Afterlight, Color Story, and VSCO are also great to use.


Do I have to be a professional photographer or artist?

Absolutely not! Hobbyists and those new to photography are absolutely welcome. You can use use any camera you want (slr, dslr, iphone, polaroid, pinhole, etc.) for each day’s exercises. All that matters is that you are open to thinking beyond what you first see in front of you. 


Is nudity allowed in my self-portrait?

Absolutely. However, private parts and nipples must be covered up on any images posted in the group as per the rules of Instagram and Facebook here.


Can we talk about sensitive and vulnerable subjects like body-shaming, body-love, trauma and abuse?

Conversations about emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual and mental health often come up when we explore ourselves on a deeper level, especially through self-portraiture and art. These conversations are very welcome when discussing them in relationship to our self-portraiture work; however, this is not the space to receive medical advice. Please seek out a licensed professional for guidance on how to create a plan for your health and well-being.   


Can I gift this course to someone else or provide a scholarship?

Yes, please do! That is a beautiful idea. Reach out to me here so we can get that set up.


What’s the deal with refunds?

Unfortunately, all sales are final and refunds will not be given due to the nature and duration of the course. All content is delivered via email at the email address you provide during checkout, and therefore, you will have lifetime access to that material unless you delete those emails. The Facebook group will stay active indefinitely. Each day’s self-portraiture prompts and daily video content will be posted directly in the Facebook group.


coming home: return to the power of yourself through the road of self-portraiture.


-A one week facilitated online experience

-Daily photography exercises and questions designed to help you self-discover, deepen your relationship with your body and sensuality, and come home to self after a long journey of the heart.

-Private Facebook group to discuss photography, program exercises and the experience of self-portraiture with support.

-Additional content and photography guidance posted by video each morning.

-Evening homework check-ins to help keep participants on track and answer questions that may have come up during the day’s prompt.

-Final “reveal” day for all self-portraits planned and developed during the week.

-Optional 1:1 mentorship and guidance following the program.



Return to Your Self.

7 days




Examples of self-portraits by *Artists clockwise: Ayana V. Jackson, Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Frida Kahlo, Hobbes Ginsberg, Liu Susiraja, Jamie Beck, Trish Morrissey, Polly Penrose, Vivian Maier

*Image by Artist Juno Calypso

A_Modern_Hallucination_2012-Juno Calypso.jpg

*The artists images posted here are in no way associated with or representing this program - they are examples of self portraits that serve as creative inspiration for your own.