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If there is one aspect of being an artist I am most an expert at, it's how to find and develop a personal style, message and meaning in one's work. Throughout my lifelong journey as an artist I have learned how to cut through the noise of visual and social trends and stay aligned with what truly inspires my heart. Because of that, dream clients, dream spaces and creative opportunities consistently show up in my inbox.

I currently take on a select number of students for creative mentorship each season and focus exclusively on the development of a personal practice. A creative mentorship will guide you through the resistance, frustrations and growth in the artistic journey, and bring you closer to your unique visual voice and personal and professional artistic goals. This is when you put your creativity and inspirations first, and all the noise of "should" "have to" "too much" and "not good enough" outside the studio door.   

Over the next three months, we will work toward developing your individual style, finding a subject matter that makes your heart skip a beat, and unearthing your core WHY so that you feel a sense of purpose and excitement about the work you are making. 

Mentorships are by application only, and are scheduled in three-month commitments and longer in order to establish a consistent habit of art-making and self discipline in your practice so that the rate of your growth is faster, your body of work more substantial and the themes of your work more clearly visible


Who you are:

-You are an artist at heart who is looking to develop a personal practice outside of your professional career.

-You are a creative entrepreneur who is looking to develop a professional practice that is more aligned with your heart.

-You are creatively burned out by your profession and looking to inject inspiration and a sense of self-motivation back into your personal practice.

-You have retired from your professional career and are desiring a creative outlet as a ritual of grounding and self-discovery in this next chapter of your life.

-You are an artist that desires to revive a creative practice after a hiatus due to the meandering path of life.



Subjects we may explore during our time together:

Who you are as an artist and what you stand for.

How to locate what inspires you and build a body of work that reflects your future goals.

What is your message and WHY.

Development of unique creative voice, personal projects and direction.

How to blend personal inspiration into a profession practice and re-direct a professional practice so that is more aligned with personal desires.



Our Itinerary for the next Six months:

-1hr. virtual or telephone intake session when we dive deep into what moves your senses, and become clear on your intentions and goals with your work. We will then outline a custom course of action for developing your practice and your voice.     

-6 weekly virtual coaching sessions, individualized to your needs, that are 45 minutes each over the course of six months. We work three weeks on, and one week off for implementation and homework catch-up. Repeat. 

-Email access to me between sessions for support and questions.

-Weekly homework (determined by your goals and progress each session), book recommendations, and resources drawn from my life-long personal and academic studies in the fine and decorative arts.

-Final development session for taking your practice and projects to the next level.


Add-on options:

+Critique of your creative project with an outside guest who specializes in your medium or subject matter. Please inquire.


By the end of our time together you will have had:

-18 one-on-one creative coaching sessions

-6 months of email access to ask any Q's about your artistic progress. 

-A personal project you feel passionate about and won’t give up on after one week.

-Work you can make money from.

-A body of work to rock a solid portfolio and website.

-A plan of action for continued growth with your work and sales.

-A plan of action for a professional practice that is aligned with your creative heart's deepest desires.



$3965+ for 20 week commitment

Mentoring begins February 2019


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