From 23 to 32 I hated on my body daily, despite being at my lowest weights, smallest waists and tiniest percentages of body fat. I was strong and healthy, yet I could never see it or ever really feel it, because I had lost my sensuality; I stopped feeling my body from the root chakra up. For a short lived moment at 23 I bloomed. And then I met my ex. It was the way I loved that drew him to me, but it was the way he “loved” that left me and my body starving.

For all those years my body was deprived of emotional, spiritual and proper physical nourishment. Instead of dancing + swaying, like I did so much in my early 20’s, I was lifting: gym weights, emotional weight, always exhausted recovering from the abusive weight. My movements, including all intimacy, had become so masculine, so mechanical. I was so dried up in my body I often wondered if I would ever know what it was like to feel again. To have sex that was tender. To be safe feeling sexy. To feel like I even owned my body.

There were many years I tried to revive my sway, my ‘feeling’ of an old sensual self I so longed for, through clothing that had the color of fire and energy healing on my heart. But none of it was as effective as learning to come home back to my body through sensual ritual, art and movement. I took big risks on myself and my life to do that, and in the process found my sway again. I found the higher self I was always waiting to be. I found a divine lover and unconditional love for me.

And so, I’ve been crafting a process for reclaiming the body, womanhood, sensuality. In a world that tells us we as women must fit into smaller jeans, smaller paychecks, smaller voices, smaller negotiations, + smaller selves, we are now going to take back our power and our space. We are going to reclaim our bodies + ourselves.

I’ve been developing a program to teach that process, combining all of my years of training in sacred magic work, energetic healing, the fine arts, and the decades of travel that leads us through 8 weeks of movement & unfolding and culminates in an escape to a very sensual city, a city of spice + of art and deep currents of culture to where we fully step into our divine selves. 


This is a program, a process, a journey for the woman who is on the brink of giving up: 

giving up on meeting the partner she dreams of.

giving up on the heart to heart connection she cries for.

giving up on the intimacy she fears she will forever go without because she’s just too dried up.


This program, this process, this journey is for the woman who wants to know what it’s like to sweat, to sway, to pulse— heartbeat to heartbeat, chest to chest, spirit to spirit, soul to soul. 


This is for the woman who so deeply craves her dreams, and yet fears they will never be hers to live.

Imagine a transformation of your body and your energy into a magnet for the life and love you want to attract.

Imagine a life of more tender or even hotter intimacy, a stronger body, a more confident voice, a reclaiming of your sensuality.

Imagine living your dreams.

That’s where you’re going to go.

If this journey calls to your heart please apply here to be one of the 8 women who is coming with.

We start our preparations July 1st. We meet in a city of art, sex, culture this September and November. Have your passports ready.



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