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Hi there beauty,

I’m so glad you have made the choice to be here.


To share your voice and story is a beautiful act of service, to yourself and to others. By sharing our stories, creativity, and light we create the opportunity to lift, inspire, and initiate deep change in our communities and the world. I promise you, there is always someone out there who needs to see, hear and feel what you have to say.

And expressing yourself through imagery and portraiture is one of the most moving ways of connecting deeply with another. Portraiture allows us to speak eye to eye and spirit to spirit in a deeply vulnerable way. 


But, what if the desire to see and celebrate yourself fully is a brand new feeling and uncomfortable territory? (Many of us are conditioned to believe that self-love is vain.)


What if you are having a hard time finding images that look like how you want to present yourself; and therefore, you don’t know where to begin with how to show up in your images? (Love, that’s because you are one of a kind.)


What if you don’t know even know who you are any more because you are so tired of being something you know you are not, and so ready to be the person you really know you are? (It’s harder to hide than it is to shine.) 



I’m here to help guide you in coming back home to your true self,

and in creating a visual language and style that represents the whole of who you are.



Below, you will find a series of questions and exercises that I will often send to my private portraiture clients who know that they want to be more visible with their work and brand, and who are ready to see themselves and all of the divine power they possess, but aren't quite clear on how they want to present themselves visually. 


I will then look at what the client (you) has written, and search for the archetypal energy (and associated symbols) that want to come forth. I also compare the stylistic information pulled from your natal astrology chart to the garments you feel most connected to in your wardrobe, and in doing so, I see how your natural style and presence is most exalted. This information is then brought into our portraiture session to create images that truly capture your essence through color, texture, composition, light, line and the styling of your favorite adornments.


So, let’s get started with some meditative exercises. Feel free to run through the questions of Step One for ten minutes, or thirty. Visit with them everyday. You are going to meet with the core of your being. Allow yourself all the time you need.

*You may answer these Q's in your own journal or within the digital journal below.

For Step Two prompts, which you can move through right after Step One OR complete in a later part of the day, set aside at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. You might want to grab yourself a Perrier and a playlist for this one too. 



Step One.


Find a quiet and comfortable place to dream and/or jam on the questions below. Use the digital journal prompts (and I'll write you back.) Or, privately journal your answers in your sacred paper notebook.





1. Begin thinking about the timeline of your life, and especially of the past one to two years.



What were the highlights of these years? What were the lowlights?


What did you survive?

How have you thrived?



Don’t be afraid to dive deep into the wildly beautiful and the darkest moments of your heart.


What you have endured?

Where you have been?

What have you witnessed?

What have you learned?


Where are you right now in this moment, and where you are going?




2. Get back into the feelings and visions of where you are going. Expand on what you are seeing.


Who are you with?

What does your environment look like?

Why are you there?

What are you wearing?


How do you feel in your heart, in your spirit, in your mind, in your body?


Dream big here.

There are no limits.

There is nothing stopping you.


Who are you to the world?





Step Two.


Grab that Perrier, and put on your favorite playlist. It’s time to get intimate with your wardrobe.





Starting with one space or container of clothing, such as your dresser, closet or standing wardrobe, pull out and touch every. single. garment.


Take a long look at each one. 


Take note of the emotions and memories that move up and through you, and the ones that seem to lodge themselves between your heart and throat.


As you touch each piece ask yourself how you feel. 

What makes you Ooooo and what makes you Ewwwwweeee? 


What pieces make you feel excited? What pieces make your energy dwindle or shrink? (just because a garment is functional does not mean it should be kept in your wardrobe.)


What pieces have you been too afraid to wear in public, but you absolutely LOVE? 

What pieces do you wear when you feel you are your best self?


Every time you find yourself drawn to something, keep a record of why this garment is important to you. What does it say about your history, your divine feminine and masculine energies, your desires and dreams, your life story?

What might you be telling the world through it’s presence on your body?


Move through your entire wardrobe. Space by space. Garment by garment. Set aside anything that doesn't move you in the direction of your dreams . Keep only what you love, wear on the regular + that which sparks the flame of your spirit.


Do the same exercise with the accessories and possessions precious to your heart.

Go through your books, talismans, ritual tools, blankets, furniture, heirlooms, pictures, and all objects of significance to you. Pick out the pieces that you love, that carry an affecting memory of your history, that of your family's ancestry, that you adorn yourself with, that are a part of your story...and that you want to be a part of your future visual narrative.


And when you are all done, bless your heart and being. You have just started conjuring the visual magic to more fully express who you are and realize your dreams.


Now, let's get to creating something amazing shall we? book your portraiture discovery call here.