Where might you be headed in your life's work and journey this calendar and birth year? What challenges might you face? What is your sacred homework? What will be your spiritual and earthly reward(s)?

In this 30min. telephone reading we will look at both your numerology and destiny cards for the year ahead, charting the opportunities, themes and possibilities available for you during each of the next twelve months. These readings can be had at any time of the year. Learn more...




Through a method known as Seven Star Blessing® Space Clearing, a four-step process of Preparation, Purification, Invocation and Preservation, we acknowledge the presence of the Seven Stars (The East, The South, The West, The North, Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky, The Center-the Creator) and call on these powerful energies to assist us in harmonizing, healing and moving the energies of your space. This is a Divine Love Transfusion suitable for spaces inflicted with violence, emotional pain, and scarring of the sacred.  


Our Steps:


Clarify intentions. Visualize desired results. Converse with the guardians and spirits of your space. Commence remote clearing.


Onsite Sacred Work. Bells, smudge sticks, water, salt, candles, herbs, roots, feathers, powders, tuning forks, singing bowls, flower essences, essential oils, incense.


Blessing altars. Prayer. Sowing intention. Gratitudes.


Final clearings. Patient practice. Trust.


*$350+ for all first time clearings // $150+ for follow-up sessions. Request space clearing services by using the contact form here.

*Pricing is determined by the size of the space, location of the property and the amount of objects that need individual care.




I am committed to providing care, attention, and service to those who often go without it due to the cycle of poverty through the offering of free Holy Hours sessions each month to those who fall below the poverty line.  These sessions are taken on a case-by-case basis and include one-on-one divination and off-site magickal workings to support desired outcomes. These sessions are by referral only. Please use the confidential contact form below to schedule this service. 

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If you have access to a private telephone line, what is the best number to reach you at?