Listen to the audio to hear the story behind this photo journal "FASHION FILES of a CAPRICORN."

Picara Tierney Virgo style

The style of this portrait session is quite the classic weave of Capricorn and Virgo.

Several of the pieces featured in this shoot are the model's, inherited from her grandmother (every Capricorn Sun/Rising/in Venus has something special from the generations before her), and are textures and natura we see in the fashions and portraiture of centuries past. The model also communicates an energy of being secure in herself -- an energy you will often find in the Capricorn and Virgo woman.



Capricorn is an Earth sign who's style is classic and comfortable. No fuss fashionable. Practical yet very chic. She's covered, never too revealing. Sometimes, her look can feel...almost cold and her energy very disciplined -- especially when a stiff collar is popped up or a chunky scarf is full around the neck and a dark pair of sunnies are on like armor.

Capricorn loves a uniform, something she can easily pull from her wardrobe to be quickly on her way. Solid colors in neutrals, navy, camels/tans and black are her go-to's. You can usually find a Capricorn in classic pumps, a fitted blazer, skinny jeans or leather pants, and garments that are well-made and say old money honey.



Virgo is also an Earth sign and her style is both sharp and delicate. No detail is overlooked. Virgo looks great in earthy brown furs, leather belts, pencil skirts, paisley, tiny prints, a caplet or polished suit and with piping on the pants or collar, a small and perfectly folded bow at the neck or in the hair. A tailored fit is a must. The Library chic look is perfectly suited for Virgo.

You will likely find her investing in a wardrobe of great pumps (all very well-made), classic bags with minimal hardware, and lots of spa treatments. She is never without creamed hands, a polished manicure, protected lips and a perfect brow. 

The pearls in this set-up are actually very representative of Cancer. (It was probably my Moon in Cancer that prompted me to bring these pearls to the shoot.) But, you might also find pearl details (such as in a button) on a Capricorn who loves maritime looks or who enjoys wearing an all black chic and CHANEL sweater dress.


Picara Tierney Virgo style V
Picara Tierney Virgo style III
Picara Tierney Virgo style IV


In the black and white looks below we see the beautiful back details of a strappy silk dress (very representative of Virgo) a solid gold cuff (that speaks to Capricorns and Leos) and a beautiful inherited fur vest (a Cancer would love this fur as a comforting office or living room throw.) 

Scroll down below for PDF guides of mini capsule collections for these signs.


MINI CAPSULE for Capricorn

(download the PDF version here)



___Tan car shoe

___Black knee-high walking boot

___Brown high-heeled riding boots


Investment Pieces

___Dark brushed wool or cashmere blazer

___Cream floor-length sweater coat

___Classic little black dress


___Black silk blouse

___Striped boatneck long sleeved top

___Black T of choice



___Dark denim skinny jeans

___Black straight-legged suiting pant

___High-waisted tuxedo shorts



___Long soft fringe scarf

___Shoulder pads

___Chain evening bag



(download the PDF version here)



___Black stiletto heels

___Neutral shade of classic pumps

___Black ballerina flat


Investment Pieces

___Tailored suit

___One-shouldered floor length dress

___Black cape


___Black lace camisole

___White collared button-down

___Cream colored blouse with cuffs

___Black knit “Jackie” sweater



___High-waisted cigarette trousers

___High-waisted pencil skirt

___Medium wash denim skinnies



___Drop pearl earrings

___Crimson red and natural mauve lipsticks