Nearly 18 Months Have Passed

 Photograph by Nathan West   *This post was originally sent as a digital issue of the GAZETTE.

Photograph by Nathan West

*This post was originally sent as a digital issue of the GAZETTE.



An incredibly talented copywriter (find Kate Benton here) wrote that tagline for me in January of 2016. Oh, how true it would become.

It has been nearly 18 months, 1.5 years since I've sent a letter to you. A mind blowing amount of life change has taken place since then. And honestly, I've been waiting more than these 18 months to write you the letter I am sending to you today.

If you have been following my story on Instagram, or through my private Facebook feed (come find me!) you know I am in the midst of the hottest fucking firewalk of my life -- a journey that began in February of 2016 and (I predict) will conclude in December of 2017 (when Saturn completes her tour of my second house in Sagittarius.) Then, a new path of healing will begin.

For nearly two years, I have been learning about everything it is that I value. What do I value in my friendships, peerships, familyships, community, and intimate relationships? What value do I bring to my friendships, peerships, familyships, community, and intimate relationships? How do I value myself? How do I value others?

What are the material things I value, and how much value do they bring me, my work, my life -- the world?

What do I value in my work?
How does my work contribute in the world? 

I've lost, tossed, and released an incredible amount of the things I once valued: communities and friendships; the false security of an abusive 10-year relationship; my home; my lifestyle; my belongings; my car; all financial security; creative projects I was invested in; life dreams; a man I fell in a divine, carnal and karmic love with...

I've dropped pieces of myself, and I've learned to let go of how I wanted to see and experience others. I've said good-bye to a lot. Materially, spiritually, and of the heart.  

But, in the process, I have gained so much more: courage, strength, voice, beauty, community, fire, inspiration, color, love. Deep, wild love. 

I've learned what it means to burn it all down and to build something unimaginably new back up, to love unconditionally, to truly let it all go and to take off on a spiritual Quest into the unknown. I know -- well, I'm learning -- what it means to live in the Divine flow.

For the past two months I have been moving about with a backpack and a carry-all and sleeping on the couches and beds of family, friends, karmic flames, and those I've digitally crossed paths with over the years. The kindness and hospitality that has been shown to me is overwhelming at times. I do not know how to express the depth of my gratitude. The miracles that have been divine timing, serendipitous meetings, and spiritual visions prove to me that when I have full faith in my intuition, the Universe will meet me half way.   


In December of 2016, I knew this year, 2017, was going to be the year when I had the best opportunity to make the biggest life changes. I am in a Personal 8 year in Numerology with a double 8 of Diamonds and 8 of Spades in the Long Range positions of the Destiny Cards. My tarot for the year: The Chariot.

Come on now.

This was the year to set my intentions and go after my dreams. Without knowing it, I did. The Universe delivered. And I now have the space and freedom I asked for to do all of the things I have always wanted to do. And, something I'm really, really excited about...I can't wait to be of service to you.

What will everything look like going forward?

Well....I'm going to try and send this letter out more often!!! In March of this year I declared on my blog that I was going to mail this letter every Sunday. Obvs. that didn't happen. I needed to keep on writing a bigger life story behind the scenes. (I promise, it's a really good one.) 

- In June of this year, I began offering portrait sessions to creatives and small business owners. I love holding space for the transformation that occurs when being seen. And, as I moved through my own spiritual metamorphosis in 2016 and throughout this summer, it was this creative practice that saved me.

If you were here in December of 2015, you may remember that I began a self-portraiture practice. Over the next 1.5 years, this practice blossomed into a body of work capturing the portraits of others.

I view portraiture as medicine and healer, voice and validation, an expression of the spirit's flame and a heart's endurance, of history and lineage, human identity and celestial body, what the eyes have witnessed and the heart has survived, personal journey, soul story. Portraiture is a visual document of one's passage, journey, march and movement. Portraiture is sacred work and a reclamation of self. I am here to help deliver that to you.

Find samples of my portrait work here and see below.
Develop your story here.

-After a long hiatus, visual branding work is being offered again! Many of my portrait clients have come to me without having thought about how and where they will use their photographs. Therefore, I have often found myself guiding clients in the placement of photographs on their new websites (or sites that are still being dreamt and outlined) and assisting in the process of developing a visual style and story.   

And, so, I have decided to create a private offering that assists clients in the foundational development of their visual brand story. This service is for those entrepreneurs and creatives that are in need of both photographs for their small business and representation of work and additional guidance in the development of their digital branding. This offering is a custom package of the following: portraiture, squarespace site design, logo design, font and color style palette conception. Reply to this letter to inquire.

-Mugwort Dreaming bundles are still being made my loves. This year, and last, I continued to supply small batches to magical communities through facebook. Mugworts will be bundled again this Full Moon in Pisces, on September 6th.

If you are interested in a bundle from the Full Moon harvest this coming week, simply reply to this email with the bundle size and amount desired, your mailing address, and the best email address to fulfill the balance through paypal.

-Large Dreaming Sticks are $12
-Mini Pocket Sticks (3 in a pack) are $10
-Shipping $4

If you have already ordered an Eclipse bundle from me through social media, those will be shipped out next week. If you are a member of Briana Saussy's class Spinning Gold (where I am a community caretaker for the third year!) you will soon receive information on how to secure your own special Solar Eclipse bundles made on August 21st of this year.


And there is so much more, but this is enough to express for now. Thank you to all who have seen me through these many years. Thank you to all who have seen me through these past few months. Thank you to all who are seeing me into the future. I look forward to being in touch much more often.

Until next time + all my love,

xo J

Chelsea Main Portrait.JPG

Portraits of female entrepreneurs and creatives, taken this year in Santa Fe, NM,  Newport, RI, Brooklyn, NY, Denver, CO, Long Island City, NY.