2:00 PM14:00

Body Reclaimed at Maha Rose Brooklyn

with Holly Toronto and Jacquelyn Tierney


We live in a world where 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies and are putting life on hold until their body changes. This dissatisfaction is impacting how we eat, move, connect with our friends and partners, pursue our passions and express ourselves. We're more stressed, anxious and disconnected from our bodies than ever before. And the methods we are using to manage the dissatisfaction aren't working.

Because the physical body is the vessel that channels and supports the health of creativity, love and abundance, when we choose to love and witness the physical body we are in, we become an energetic match for the vibrant creativity, romantic love and infinite abundance we desire; therefore, this workshop is intended to quiet the negative chatter in our minds and the messages we are receiving daily about how we should look or who we should be and to guide participants in the process of beginning to live the life they desire in the body they are in today.

Through movement, meditation, teaching and self portraiture work, we will begin the process of releasing body shame and step into all of the possibilities that open up when we embrace radical self-acceptance.

Participants will learn:

*How to take care of their bodies without dieting or restriction

*Tools to boost body acceptance

*How to create community that is centered around acceptance

*Self portraiture skills to see themselves from a new, more empowering perspective *Opening up channels to love, abundance, creativity through body love/body acceptance

How to prepare for this workshop: To fully participate in this workshop you will need a journal, writing instrument and small dslr or mobile phone camera.

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