Portraiture is medicine and healer.

Portraiture is voice and validation.

Portraiture is your present and dreams.


Portraiture is an expression of the spirit’s flame and a heart’s endurance,

of history and lineage,

human identity and celestial body,

what the eyes have witnessed and the heart has survived,

personal journey,

soul story.


Portraiture is a visual document of your passage, journey, march, and movement.


But the problem with most portrait options today – especially for those running online businesses with meaning – is that people are trained not to show up as themselves, but to show up as one of society’s constructed dreams. People are being advised to sexualize, glamourize, fit within outdated gender boxes, and brand themselves on-trend in order to prove the value and success of their work and of themselves.

We are told and sold that if we dress and operate a certain way we will be successful, so we decide to soften our edges and fit ourselves into molds that our communities accept. We find ourselves shapeshifting into the image that we think others want to see, and in doing so we are dressing up to sell a dream that’s being sold to us.

But is that really your dream?


What would happen if you were more intentional and sensitive about the photos you participate in? How might you connect differently with your audience? Yourself? How might this open the door to go deeper with your heart and the hearts of your people -- the parts of your people you are really trying to reach?


This photographic offering is for the creatives, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, coaches and healers, sensitive spirits, magick workers, wanderers, seekers, self-actualizers, journeywomen, and those who don’t fit the mold and don’t want to fit the mold.

This photographic offering is for those who desire to express their magnificence, their voice, their message, those who want to represent themselves soulfully, deeply and the whole of who they are.  


We’ll highlight your magic and full being in your sacred spaces and special corners of the earth, adorned with talismans and garments that make you feel powerful and secure, and surrounded by objects and symbols that are deeply aligned and connected with what you love and stand for.


These portraits and photographic sessions are an experience in self-expression and self-actualization and being present as who you are with No masks. No posing. No posturing.


These portraits are the reclaiming of your voice.

These portraits are the campaign of your truths.

These portraits are a testimonial of your resilience.

These portraits are an altar to your spirit.


These portraits,

are You.


Japan Portrait.jpg



An intimate morning or afternoon of portrait and documentary photography in your personal home, studio, or sacred space where we capture your essence and personal power surrounded by the interior spaces and personal objects that help tell the story of you.


You are an entrepreneur, healer, artist, or non-conformist beginning to think about and construct your personal mythology and visual story as you plan to be more visible in your online presence. The photographic approach in this session is to capture the authentic, brilliant, real self and develop the foundational visual assets needed to unveil and introduce yourself and your story to your audience. This is where we capture your most authentic presence in those moments when you are creating work to put out into the world.


A Visibility Session supports those who are limited in time and budget, yet desire to share their professional story and personal self in a compelling, polished and authentic way.


Shifting the Narrative


An intimate day of portrait and documentary photography in your sacred space, a creative studio, and/or scouted location.


You are a professional creative, healer, entrepreneur, or counter-cultural worker who is ready to more fully show up as yourself in your business, tell your own story and emerge from the societal molds that have been placed upon you. When you shift the narrative you make the choice to be more conscious, present and deliberate about the way you present yourself.


The photographic approach in this session is to capture the magical period of transition between deep metamorphosis and the unveiling of a new self, the last unknotting and unraveling of a chapter’s threads and the weaving of new ones into your life’s web. If you have been on a deep and full journey of personal discovery, Shifting the Narrative highlights the inner strength, wisdom and personal power gained in the process.


This is where we document the very beginnings of a new self firmly rooted in it’s sovereignty and skill. This is where we develop a visual narrative that speaks to your professional audience through the story of your deep, true self. 

Romanian Clay Pots-2.jpg

Crafting Your Personal Mythology


A weekend of high-concept editorial storytelling for visionaries and iconoclasts in your sacred space, a creative studio, and/or scouted location.


You are a professional creative, healer, entrepreneur, activist, or counter cultural worker who is ready to tell your story -- and of not just where you are now, but where you came from and where you are going.


The photographic approach in this session is to craft (or re-construct) personal mythology, developing an entire visual language and vocabulary to use within your digital messaging through portraiture, custom sacred stock photography, and selected props -- just like an editorial spread. We will establish your personal mythology through talismans and symbols, personal possessions, cultural references, and the elements of design. This is an invitation into the soul of your inner-most landscapes and rally cry. This work remains both deeply personal, but supports and shares the bigger image of your public message and self.