Dear Future Legend,


I know, you know, you are not the person you know you want to be.

I know, you constantly feel like you could have done better, you should be doing better. You want to do better.

I know, you feel like you are living half a life and not the one you really want to be.


I see you. I hear you.

And I understand what you feel. I lived a half-life for just under a decade. I put pieces of myself aside to be something that someone else wanted me to be. And the more I was something else for someone else, the more exhausted I became trying to pull something back, something that was my own, back to me.

I watched myself give and give and slip and slip, away. And there was never enough to replenish me. I fought so hard, just to get through the day. I did everything I was supposed to do and that was expected of me. But the reward was never big enough. I was still living a half-life, and, where was me?


This half-life is like a rollercoaster. There are days that dip, with countless points of questioning the self on whether you should leave or just give in to the life you know. And then, there are days when, in your whole heart and being, you know you can and will emerge from this survival state. You ARE capable of living your dreams.

But, quickly those dreams may be dulled again by not knowing the how or the when. It's easy for overwhelm and despair to set in. Will this ever end? Will I ever be strong enough to make a change? Why am I still putting up with this? When? When am I going to say yes to the self I know I want to be?


I've been there love. I asked those same questions of myself for years. Until one day, I committed to me.


I was in a domestic abuse relationship with a narcissist for ten years. I believed, despite evidence of the contrary prior to this chapter in my life, I was never going to achieve my dreams. My ideas were useless, and I was going in circles. In one of the last phases of my relationship, I wondered if what I had in my life was really all there was ever going to be. I was conditioned to think that I wasn't and could not be who and what I wanted to be. Until, I started making space for myself. I started saying yes to myself. I put myself in environments that supported my whole being.

Self-expression became my destination. I exercised my voice more. I wrote about the things I was no longer going to apologize for. I engaged in group forums of fierce women. I practiced asking for things I wanted outside of my comfort zone. I took back moments of the day when I put myself first. I started taking risks. And, little by little I strengthened the muscles of confidence and voice.


And then,

I started taking leaps that defied everything I knew as familiar, as secure, as comfortable. I dove head first into my wants and my dreams. I was ready to lose it all. And by doing so, I fell into the flow of miracles.


I know what it's like to make an instant decision to burn it all down and jump. I know how scary it is, and also how absolutely magnificent and liberating it can feel.

I know you want that freedom too. 

(Secret: it's right here for you.)



Future Legend.


Welcome to your new life. This is the day the new path begins, a day full of sacred ritual, of divination, of art and beauty. On this day your life becomes yours.

On this day you learn HOW to start saying yes to yourself, your desires and your dreams.

On this day you locate your voice and bring it forward.

On this day you witness yourself.

On this day you find your identity again.

On this day you reclaim your voice,

your power,

your life. 


On this day, you say yes to you again.






We start with a one-on-one pre-session exchange of intimate conversation, when we get to know each other as open books, because truth-telling and speaking our truths opens the space for our freedom.

In this session we also become clear on the intentions for your special day -- what do you want to create, what does showing up as a full-self look and feel like to you?

We draw up a draft for our itinerary, a list of what to pack, and develop the visual mood board for how you want to show up in your portraiture. (Portraiture? Of course there is portraiture! Two sessions of it actually.)

This pre-session time is critical as it helps you begin to feel into the life you are desiring to meet. Plan for a conversation that runs anywhere from one-two hours in length.



The day of.

We begin our day between 7-9am with a ritual of sacred opening. This ritual helps to expand your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies, resulting in the retrieval of the dreams buried within you and clearing the path for those dreams waiting to be brought forth to you. This is when we start to push, pull, massage, unpack and move the lodged and toxic conditioning within so that new, and healthy patterns can make their way forward.

An early start to the day also gives us the best options for light for our morning portraiture session as well as enough time for the rest of the day's planned activities.

This is a full day of commitment to yourself and to your dreams. It is heavy, and it is real.



After our morning portraiture session, we head to our mid-day break at a Michelin starred restaurant, determined by the preferences submitted on your intake form. Here, we ingest food as both nourishment and art. We feed ourselves with beauty, service and love.

As each plate arrives we engage in dreaming and conversation, inspired by each dish, and through a series of questions that build up the dream you will manifest. As you breathe in the energy of the bounty and artist's work before you, you become clear on who you are and where you are going. 



After a beautiful lunch, we exercise our legs for a bit and head out to a privately led tour through either an art institution, gallery or studio where we will pull in the energy and beauty of the pieces around us. The purpose of this art walk is to imbue further inspiration into your heart and deepen the vocabulary of what your dreams and life can look like.



On our way to the tour, and throughout the afternoon, I will be photographing you candidly. The purpose of this second session is to see the transformation in your energy from morning to evening. You are starting to step into your flow, and the new energy that is pushing through WILL show up in your portrait images. You will be able to see the transformation of your glow, your color, your energy, within the camera.

We conclude our day in the golden hours of light between 5-6pm.



Over the next one to two months, we will connect for an additional two, one-on-one follow-up sessions in order to keep your internal flame of fierce power bright, and make any necessary upgrades to the daily practice rituals we developed during our day together.

You will be held accountable for following through on the commitments made during our special day. You can make change.







Love, I will not lie to you. I will not tell you this journey is a piece of cake. There will be days when you swing high, and there will be days when you swing low. Some days, you won't know what is coming or how to operate. That's ok. It is a part of the process of becoming. 

But, what I will tell you is that your joy, your freedom, and your expression of self is going to feel like the sweetest, most beautiful, most satisfying piece of cake you've ever had, because you will no longer feel you have to hold back. You will no longer feel that you have to restrict yourself from the beauty and magic that you are.



Who am I?


I'm Jacquelyn Tierney, an artist, diviner, photographer and domestic abuse survivor. My mission, and the mission of my work, is to help guide women through the firewalk of reclaiming themselves and their voices by offering resources and sharing stories about the process of the healing journey. I work with women ready to take the big leap into what they know must happen for themselves, offering witness to the transformation and guidance in the spiritual aftermath, when the internal landscape is deeply charred and cooling, and what remains is the vast and open space to re-build.


Burning it all down.

The time we take for ourselves is never to be shamed. It took me ten years to say yes to my life again. I knew from the rounding out of year 1.5 that I needed to make a change, yet, I stayed for another 8.5. But, there came a point when I just knew, I knew the end was near, and I knew I was ready to say yes to it.

In the process of getting of there, I learned how to build the steps, endurance and courage required for the change. I learned how to feel into the faith and trust it takes to walk out of the fire whole (secret: you/I/we are never broken). I learned how to honor and sit with the varying levels of grieving for the things left behind.

And, I learned about the immeasurable joy, light and laughter that comes in the after.

I want you to know, all of those things are available to you.

Because you are a Future Legend no matter what.

I believe in you.

Do you?


WHAT YOU'LL TAKE WITH YOU from our day, future legend:


-Heart-healing, incredible risk taking, big dreaming, and manifesting: Your Life.

-Energetic tools to use each day that help cleanse and clear the pain body, and feed your chakras into alignment. You'll start to get your strength back.

-A suite of 40 images of you stepping into your power. Use these images as daily reminders of WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU ARE BECOMING. Because you are on your way to something BIG.

-A specific set of rituals for daily practice to help you prioritize your dream and stay connected to your power no matter where you are or who is bumping up against you. You will no longer be giving your power away. 

-A curated gift box of locally crafted beauty goods to nourish yourself in the weeks to come. Keep the inner goddess sustained. 

-Two one-on-one follow up sessions to help keep your voice strong and your spirit on track to achieving your dreams. This is going to be the hardest part. I am in your corner.

-Unwavering confidence and deep transformation. Hello big life.


Investment in your yes, investment in your new life: $2850


This is the day you step into yourself. This is the day you say yes to who you know you were always meant to be.

You are meant to feel and experience more than what you are living right now, more than what you have been living for too much time.

Yes, it can feel terrifying to say yes to what you don't know. It can seem so much easier to stay in the familiarity, the crazy and the known. 

But your life is waiting for you,

Future Legend.

How much longer are you willing to wait to meet it?


There are only two spots available for this offering in October of 2017.

Book a day in your new life now. It wants to meet you.




Is lodging included?

Overnight lodging, transportation and all meals and snacks outside of our time together are not included. 


How about make-up and hair?

Styling, makeup, and hair can be arranged. (Though not required.) Price upon request.


What is included during our day?

A light breakfast, all organic snacks to keep our energy up throughout the day, a 5 course lunch with a *one alcoholic beverage maximum* -- we want to stay grounded and clear -- and all transportation when we are together. 

All studio and merchant fees are included.


Is a payment plan available?

*Yes, we can absolutely create a customized payment plan for you.


Are refunds available?

Unfortunately, refunds for a Future Legend Session are not possible. If you are unsure that this experience is the right fit for you, get still and trust the knowing of your heart. If this session is more than a stretch for you financially, please postpone scheduling this session until you feel financially solid. PayPal Credit is also an option.


What if I can't make it last minute? Can we reschedule?

We can absolutely reschedule our time together; however, an additional 30% of the total cost will be added to your future session in order to cover additional studio and customized program fees.


Are these sessions available in other cities?

Yes. Stay updated about openings in your city by signing up here.