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reclaim your wild, your fire, your heart, your beauty,

through the art and experience of portraiture.


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photo shoot

Don't let self-love be a revolutionary act. Make it a priority. Whether it's a session for yourself or with your little ones –finally, You get to be in the photograph, not just the person taking it. See more here.

USA, Spring + Summer 2018



to freedom

If you know you are meant for bigger things in this life, to be something else in this life, but your soul is so tired that you are ready to surrender it all, then you need to join us on this trek to Destination Transformation. Your dreams have been waiting, and we will help you meet them -- step-by-step.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, September 22rd - October 3rd, 2018



A workshop

Come Home to the power of your voice, your body, your beauty, your sensuality, and your confidence once again in the live, 7-day, online course Coming Home that guides you back to self through the road of self-portraiture.

Online, March 25th - 31st, 2018


hi there beauty,
open here.

Welcome. And so lovely to meet you.

I'm Jacquelyn, and I photograph women who are seekers of magic, who are devoted to their passions, and whose dreams lead the way.

I approach my portrait work as an experience in self-actualization and self-care; a visual document of personal journey, message, and march; a love letter to the heart.

The women I photograph are creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, survivors, thrivers and mothers -- to not only children but to game-changing work in this world. They know and honor their truths and beauty, and they are ready to see what was, what is, and what can be – for themselves and for their children.

They are committed to sharing their voices with the world.

Is that you?

Then, let's get started.

Start developing your story below or join my new live, online course Coming Home.

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workshops + resources


coming home.

A live, online class using the practice of self-portraiture to come home to the power of your voice, your body, your beauty, your sensuality, and your confidence once again. 

March 25th - 31st, 2018

Read more here.


i am safe.

A free healing series for the womxn desiring more support in the anchoring and grounding of the day-to-day after spiritual trauma. 

Download free checklists, exercises and music playlists here.




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"...Photos such as this one help me see myself from a distance. I can see the strength and power in my eyes, I see a woman who is not giving up in the face of turmoil. Who still shows up with determination to love...and love again. Thank you @jacquelyntierney for reflecting my light and reminding me of my beauty. This is me."

–Chelsea Edwardson

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