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Storytelling is healing. Stories are our medicine. Stories keep record of history -- or otherwise invent it. Stories keep hope alive and the spirits of our communities and ancestors close. I am a vault and vessel for those stories that want to be acknowledged. 

I see, listen, and record stories that want to be given voice or find a way to be released from their current space. I move the energy of those stories through photography and a sacred arts practice.

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I'm Jacquelyn Tierney, a creative and sacred artist who uses photography and intuitive sense to connect with the spirit of person and place.

Since childhood, I have been interested in the unseen, hidden spaces, covert connections, back alleys, history’s secrets, personal stories, polarities, severities, quiet magick and what lies on the other side of our waking life here on Earth. With a Sun, Ascendant, Saturn and Pluto placement in the First House/Scorpio, I’m deeply intrigued by transformation, metamorphosis, how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen.

My portraits are an experience in self-actualization and the reclaiming of voice. They are a visual document of personal journey, message, and march.

In my own self-portrait work I am finding home in me through the documentation of my healing journey from a ten-year domestic abuse relationship. 

The people I photograph are ready to share their voices and personal stories of the human condition. They know and honor their truths, and they are ready to see what was, what is, and what could be...  






These portraits are the reclaiming of your voice.

These portraits are the campaign of your truths.

These portraits are a testimonial of your resilience.

These portraits are an altar to your spirit.

These portraits,

are You.





In these sessions we capture the language of family on camera, and we do that by getting right up into the rituals of everyday life. Summer vacations, easy Sundays, potty training, fort building under the stars, messy faces and endless giggles -- nothing is off limits -- everything is a moment to remember.






To be in touch about a photography service, a possible creative collaboration, or to simply say hello please use the contact form below. I love working with stylists, makers, and other visionaries to tell powerful stories and ask deep questions of our hearts, and I am always looking to interview storytellers to share their creative process with our audience of soulful seekers and artists. Let's make meaningful work together. xo, J