CREATORS 2.0: How to Find Your Purpose, Build Sustainable Growth and Change the World.


Client: Sean Howard, Photographer, Writer, Host

Project: 130pg Digital Book with accompanying promotional graphics and custom photography. 

CREATORS: 2.0 was written for the artists who want to carve out their path in the world, who want to make a difference in the world and who want to be damn prosperous doing it.

"Challenging / Attainable. Failure / Clarity. Reflection / Take Action. Kindness / Tough love. No BS. No BS. No BS." 

These were the vibrational guidelines for the design of the book. And in both the cover design and interior I focused on finding a balance between a straight-up "text" approach and a creative's vibrancy.

(Because 130 pages is a long time to stare at black and white text.)

In order to break up 21,000 words, pull quote pages, chapter title pages and graphics were inserted throughout each chapter.

In the images below, you will see how each of the book's five sections are marked by section title pages and sprinkled with both painted and photographic magic. 


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