i am safe.

i am safe is an ongoing series of checklists and resources to help women navigate their healing journeys from spiritual trauma with more support and ease.



No. 1 - I am safe.

Have you experienced an emotional or spiritual trauma as a result of leaving an abusive relationship? Do you have a dear friend or family member that has? In the days, weeks and months after a spiritual upheaval such as this, decision making and daily tasks of self-care can feel impossible to manage, especially when without in-person support.

Inspired by my own healing journey from a domestic abuse relationship, and the lack of resources available in the first few critical weeks of that journey, I've created this free checklist of practical healing tools to aide in spiritual anchoring during the day to day when your mind and heart are in recovery.

Access it here and keep it pinned to your door or in your pocket for as long as you need.


No. 2 - Face the fear and do it anyway.

After I left my domestic abuse relationship, I found myself up against constant fear about the decisions I was making in my life. Did I make the right decisions? Am I making the right decisions now? Am I going in the right direction? What do I do? Am I going to be ok? How do I feel the fear and move forward anyway? 

I often use music to get myself back on the track to a beautiful future -- the one I trust and believe in deep within my heart. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I pop on a song to reset my mind. If I am panicking about what the future holds, I listen to a song that brings me back to the present. If I am feeling paralyzed by anxiety, I turn up the music to get me back to my center.

When I am feeling untethered in the unknown, music has helped me face the fear and then get back to being "productive, happy, forward moving" aka getting done what I know needs to get done, keeping the faith that everything is going to be alright, and knowing: i am safe. Kick that paralyzing fear in the rear with this Spotify playlist here (I've made it a collaborative playlist, so you can add your favorites.)



No. 3 - a checklist for healing after day 200.

This third installment of the “i am safe” series –checklists and resources for the healing journey after spiritual trauma– is dedicated to the entrepreneurs, creatives and makers who are often growing so many parts of the self and life at once.

How do you manage it all simultaneously?

This is my checklist for consistent, sustainable growth of business and healing at the same time. 


*These resources do not replace the advice and care of a medical professional, and are created for informational purposes only.