What is Portaiture

Portraiture is medicine and healer.

Portraiture is voice and validation.

Portraiture is your present and dreams.


Portraiture is an expression of the spirit’s flame and a heart’s endurance,

of history and lineage,

human identity and celestial body,

what the eyes have witnessed and the heart has survived,

personal journey,

soul story.


Portraiture is a visual document of your passage, journey, march, and movement.


But the problem with most portrait options today – especially for those running online businesses with meaning – is that people are trained not to show up as themselves, but to show up as one of society’s constructed dreams. People are being advised to sexualize, glamourize, fit within outdated gender boxes, and brand themselves on-trend in order to prove the value and success of their work and of themselves.

We are told and sold that if we dress and operate a certain way we will be successful, so we decide to soften our edges and fit ourselves into molds that our communities accept. We find ourselves shapeshifting into the image that we think others want to see, and in doing so we are dressing up to sell a dream that’s being sold to us.

But is that really your dream?


What would happen if you were more intentional and sensitive about the photos you participate in? How might you connect differently with your audience? Yourself? How might this open the door to go deeper with your heart and the hearts of your people -- the parts of your people you are really trying to reach?


This photographic offering is for the creatives, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, coaches and healers, sensitive spirits, magick workers, wanderers, seekers, self-actualizers, journeywomen, and those who don’t fit the mold and don’t want to fit the mold.

This photographic offering is for those who desire to express their magnificence, their voice, their message, those who want to represent themselves soulfully, deeply and the whole of who they are.  

We’ll highlight your magic and full being in your sacred spaces and special corners of the earth, adorned with talismans and garments that make you feel powerful and secure, and surrounded by objects and symbols that are deeply aligned and connected with what you love and stand for.

These portraits are an experience in self-expression and self-actualization and being present as who you are with No masks. No posing. No posturing.


These portraits are the reclaiming of your voice.

These portraits are the campaign of your truths.

These portraits are a testimonial of your resilience.

These portraits are an altar to your spirit.


These portraits,

are You.