Make Your Mark.

A three month art immersive for creatives who want to feel good about their work while making their mark on the world.


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"Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself."

–Miles Davis



Who are you as an artist? What is your style?

What is your medium?

What is your message?

How do you make your mark on the world?


Let me guess, as an artist and creative entrepreneur, you are asking, and being asked, these questions on the daily – because your art is your business, your money maker (or, you want it to be) – and you need to be clear on the answers.

So, you find the work that feels like a fit, you journal out a big WHY, you study the visual approach working for others, and you dive in. You think you've found your style, your voice, your passion, but, after a while the work you are making is either burning you out, or it no longer feels aligned with what you had envisioned for yourself, and you long to create in a way that feeds your heart again. switch up your style, take the work in another direction, and...end up walking into that creative void, again. 

(Raise your hand if this has become a vortex of frustration for you and you're on the brink of giving up.)


Why is this happening?

Because your creativity is more than a brush stroke, a click of the camera, a string of words, a money maker and a business. Your art is the voice of your soul. 

And when you hold back on YOUR voice by forcing yourself to follow the flow of what everyone else is doing, you choke the spirit right out of your work and your life.


Ok, but...

But what if you feel forced to give up your voice to the visual trends of what currently sells or is popular in social media, because #bills? (Trends are not sustainable, love. You are.)


Or, you've been oh-so diligent in developing a personal style, but you are



your. producing a body of work your heart and mind feel excited about. (A strong body of work isn't produced overnight, but one can be created when you work at it everyday with proper guidance and support.)


If you don't know my story, I've been a creative all my life. I know what it's like to feel the pressures to conform so that I *might* be recognized (that didn't get me followers or clients). I've had to learn how to separate AND balance my business self with my artist self (it is possible to find clients that will hire you specifically for your style). I've seen (and so has my bank account) first hand the difference in an audience's attention when I am expressing my true voice to the one that is filtered out of fear. And, I know how how I feel --inspired and jazzed!-- about my work and where I can take it when I'm creating from a place of possibility vs limits.


If you are feeling Lost. Frustrated. Tired. Bored. And stressed as hell about the work you are creating because it just. doesn't. feel. right. you are not alone. and you are allowed to be a work in progress. We all are. But it doesn't have to feel like a struggle all the time.


Make Your Mark is here to guide you through the resistance, frustrations and uncomfortable growth in the creative journey, and bring you closer to your unique visual voice and personal and professional artistic goals. Finally, you can put your creativity first, and all the noise of "should" and "have to" outside the studio door.   

Over the next three months, we will work toward developing your individual style, finding a subject matter that makes your heart (and the hearts of your audience) skip a beat, and unearth your core WHY -- why you decided to pursue your creative work in the first place-- so that you can (finally) feel a sense of purpose and excitement about the work you are making, personally and professionally.   


Our Itinerary for the next three months is as follows:


-1hr. virtual or telephone intake session when we dive deep into what moves your senses, and become clear on your intentions and goals with your work. We will then outline a custom course of action for developing your practice and your voice.     

-6 weekly virtual coaching sessions, individualized to your needs, that are 45 minutes each over the course of two months. We work three weeks on, and one week off for implementation and homework catch-up. Repeat. 

-Email access to me between sessions for support and questions.

-Weekly homework (determined by your goals and progress each session), book recommendations, and resources drawn from my life-long personal and academic studies in the fine and decorative arts.

-Critique of your creative project with an outside guest who specializes in your medium or subject matter.

-Final development session for taking your practice and projects to the next level.



By the end of our time together you will have had:


-8 one-on-one creative coaching sessions.

-12 weeks of email access to ask any Q's about your artistic progress. 

-A Final project critique with an additional creative industry insider.

-A personal project you feel passionate about.

-A plan of action for continued growth with your work.

-Your voice first, business headaches second.

-And most important, your unique mark to make on the world.


Let's get started.


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