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The Mars Rx Salons

A 4 week series of making: art, love, beauty and magical passions when the red planet retrogrades.


The Details:

From June 26th - August 27th 2018, the planet Mars appears retrograde in the sky. This energy, my loves, asks us to put down our aggressions, lighten our grips and release ourselves from control. And then, we shall surrender to flow. and pace. and faith. and practicing the art of patience.

Our focus for this series is to heal, mend, imagine, care for and cultivate our spirits and dreams through creative escape and retreat for heart, body and intuition, because this transit is a lesson in reworking, tweaking, resting, unearthing better methods for what we are doing, thinking outside of what we assumed we knew.  

We will approach each session with pleasure, sensuality and an unwinding, beginning the session with card pulling and divining, of talking lost love, love lost, risk, relationships and all the things we are ready to gain in our lives going forward. Then, we will segue into journeying, learning and healing, tapping into the untamed wild of our root and sacral chakras.

Mars Rx reminds us that our realities in this moment don’t have to be one of rushing, of doing, of forcing, of pushing — followed by feelings of defeat, frustration and burnout — even trips to the emergency room. This transit teaches us to listen to the pace of the heart, first, because when we adjust our pace, we stretch time and actually create the space to see more, do more, learn more, create more all while still reaching our desired destinations.

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Subjects we will explore in the series:

Magic Making for more Sex.

Erotic poetry.

The Secret Language of Color.

Daily Practices of Sensual Self-care.


What: you will need...a plain papered journal or notebook, mark-making object of choice (marker, crayon, drawing pencil, ink) pen, pencil, collage materials, an open mind and vulnerability. Join in your favorite pajamas, silk robe or nightgown with a glass of rosemary water, wine or scotch. Lounge in your bed or crossed legged at your desk with eastern coffee & honeyed aphrodisiacs by your side or consuming the juiciest fruits of the summer. 

Who: Open to creatives, dreamers and art makers feeling the technological breakdowns, forced slowness and unbearable pace of the Retrograde. And, especially those who have a natal chart heavy in Scorpio or Aries. (Don't know if these signs are present in your chart? Draw up your free chart here and find out. Be sure to bring this astrological information with you to the salon.)

Where: All salons will be held on Zoom. You may join from your home or on your mobile. Download the app prior to the salon.

When: Every Thursday from July 12th - August 2nd, 2018, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Join one or join them all.

How: To attend a salon, register here. Write "MARS RX SALON" in the subject line and be sure to include your name, email address, and chosen method of donation.* A private invitation with all access information will be sent via email the day of each salon.


*This series is donation based and many forms of energy exchange are accepted. Social media shoutouts, financial contributions, blog write-ups and/or testimonials are all forms of donation received with deep gratitudes. For financial donation please use the link below.