I have traveled to 28 countries and 34 U.S. States. I call New York and Colorado my homes. I call Italy my home away from home. 


When I travel, I look for the details that make a place. I study the mannerisms of the people. I watch the development of shadows and light. I seek the energetic fingerprints of the artists, craftsmen, families and communities embedded in the architecture and interior furnishings.


My eyes skip the romantic and scan for the gritty, the weathered, the old, the rough edges, the wear and tear -- all the textures that tell visible stories. I use my mediumship to sense the unseen stories.


When I travel, I am either alone or I will often wander off from my companions to be on my own, allowing me to be much more sensitive to the energy of a place. I am most attracted to moments and environments that carry a deep and quiet power, and when I photograph these spaces I'm preserving my intimate conversations with them.


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Newport, RI

Sardegna Old Town Row.jpg



Saint Martin

Romania Christmas House.jpg