To the beauties on the journey of the Hero's Way,


When I work with a sitter, my goal as a photographer is to capture the whole self, the essence of that sitter's soul, and the current state of the spirit. 

I believe in showing photographs of us in dress, emotion and environments that present the whole of who we are in addition to who we are becoming -- because our humanity isn't one dimensional. It's layered and it's complex. It's beautiful and it's dark. It's brilliant and it's scary. And all of it is a part of the journey of becoming.

These portraits are for those who desire to express their magnificence and represent themselves soulfully, deeply and the whole of who they are in business and in life. They are an experience in self-expression and self-actualization.  

These portraits are for those who know and honor their truths and beauty, and are ready to see what was, what is, and what can be.

Xx J

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The location, backdrop and intention for our session will be customized to your individual needs while on the Hero's Journey. Each session is one hour in length and may be broken up into smaller time chunks throughout the pilgrimage or reserved as one session -- which we can discuss upon meeting. We work collaboratively and organically so that we capture your essence and energy in each photo. 

There are two portrait options to choose from below. Once you have reserved your session, I will email you to connect via phone or skype prior to the pilgrimage to discuss wardrobe, intention, and visual details!

To start, begin thinking about where you will place your portraits (website, marketing material, hanging one your bedroom wall as a way to honor your self) and what you want them to say about you. (Are these portraits for you or for your business? How do you want to celebrate YOUR journey?) 


All final images are delivered via Dropbox or through Email within 10 days of the pilgrimage. To reserve your session please use the paypal links under each option or the Add to Cart button below.  


-Option One: 3 high resolution portraits / $150 USD

Reserve through Paypal here.


-Option Two: 5 high resolution portraits / $250 USD

Reserve through Paypal here.