mini mugwort bundles

mini mugwort bundles


Mugwort Mini Pocket Sticks - 3 sticks included in each package for the ladies in your coven, goodie-bags of your workshop participants, or your purse for those impromptu space clearings.

Harvested August 21st 2017 / New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

*Light dreaming sticks for enhanced fertility, smudging, grounding, centering and day/night time visions. Sticks harvested on the New Moon in Leo are especially potent for clearing the mind of toxic patterns around self and anchoring into the dreams around one's place and service in the world

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mugwort artemisia vulgaris. dream. envision. protect. commune with the heavens. clear space. make babies. mugwort.

Also known as Cronewort, Chrysanthemum weed, Common or Wild Wormwood (but not to be confused with Wormwood Artemisia absinthium) is named after the Moon Goddess Artemis and associated with the element of the earth, the planet venus and the moon, and the signs of Taurus and Libra.

In early spring, young leaves from tender shoots, of just a few inches high (no more), are at this time edible and may be tossed into a salad or used as a garnish. When crushed, her leaves with a soft fuzz and silver underbelly produce a medicinal aroma similar to that of the chrysanthemum.

Bloom time begins as early as mid-summer, and here in Long Island, New York the season is late August through mid-September. Young shoots are still pushing through this late October. 

Our mugwort is harvested in her early flowering stage, just before bloom, within the hours of the full and new moon, when she is at the height of her magical potency.

Every bundle you receive is dated and time stamped to assist with your ritual needs.


how to use mugwort:

  • Light the dreaming sticks for smudging, grounding, centering and daytime visions.
  • Use Kitchen Bundles to keep ghosts and negative spirits away.
  • Place above your bed to aid in blessed sleep, vivid dreams, astral projection, intimacy and fertility.
  • Take a packet with you on your travels to prevent exhaustion and illness.
  • Use crushed mugwort to create a magical water excellent for clearing divination tools.
  • Place leaves under your pillow to enhance night time dreams and aid in communication with your subconscious and Great Spirit.

-All bundles in the shop are produced from plants and trees grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. However, always handle with care as some sensitivities to the skin may occur. Never take internally.

-Always light bundles, wands and sticks over sand, concrete, the sink or a container such as an abalone shell in order to contain falling ashes. 

-We cannot ship mugwort to Louisiana.

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