"Zelda scored her first modeling gig with Zulily thanks to the headshot you took!" - Kate B.


sessions for the moms and littles

In these sessions we capture the language of motherhood on camera: sensitive. brave. devoted. beautiful.

And the children, wild. free. magic.

the details:

Session lasts 90min - 2hr in length and takes place in the spaces in and around your home where you bond most with your little: your secret garden, the vanity of your bathroom, the counter of your kitchen. And finally, YOU got to be in front of the camera for a change. Delivery of 30 high-res edited photographs via dropbox or email. Session Cost: $525

What these sessions are:

A session of self care and celebration devoted to you and your journey as a mother, and to your littles as they learn to navigate this big world; The magic that is Childhood captured in a way that is creative, meaningful, intentional. I look for those moments that radiate the essence of your child's personality as they develop into who they are. I look for those moments that illuminate who you are becoming as woman and as mother.

Jacquelyn Tierney Photography Family Documentary Zelda.jpeg

"Holy shit. I love them all! I didn’t expect to get emotional when I opened the gallery. I very much appreciate you spending such quality time with Lyla and I and really capturing our daily routines...  LOVE all of the photos! Thank you so much, this is so special." –Anna K. 


"Thank you again for this morning. I loved our picture day together and I love all the images you picked, especially the moments you captured with Gus and me. I feel grateful for today that we could both show up authentically even though neither of us were having a great day." –Stephanie A.


"Thank you so much Jacquelyn!! I am ecstatic about getting these printed and up all over our home:)" –Gina K.

The women in my life have been key to my healing journey, and I am so grateful for the wisdom, homes and heart that they have shared with me. It was a single mama who took me into her home in those first few months of my healing, and therefore, I always celebrate and honor the single mamas with a very special rate on their photos with their littles.

Because you deserve to be cared for just as much as you care. Inquire here for your special offering.

xo J


Pepper and August included in VOGUE Italia's Best of PhotoVOGUE

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