sessions for the women


Portraiture is medicine and healer.

Portraiture is voice and validation.

Portraiture is your present and dreams.


Portraiture is an expression of the spirit’s flame and a heart’s endurance,

of history and lineage,

human identity and celestial body,

what the eyes have witnessed and the heart has survived,

personal journey,

soul story.


And these portraits?


The song of your voice,

a testament of your courage, 

an altar to your spirit,

a declaration of your divinity,


the power that is




Tierney Josephine I.JPG

When I work with a sitter, my goal as a photographer is to capture the whole self, the essence of that sitter's soul, and the current state of the spirit. 

I believe in showing more photographs of us in dress, emotion and environments that present the whole of who we are in addition to who we are becoming -- because our humanity isn't one dimensional. It's layered and it's complex. It's beautiful and it's dark. It's brilliant and it's scary. And all of it is a part of the journey of being human.

These portraits are for those who desire to express their magnificence and represent themselves soulfully, deeply and the whole of who they are in business and in life. They are an experience in self-expression and self-actualization.

These portraits are for the creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, survivors, thrivers and mothers -- to not only children but to game-changing work in this world. They know and honor their truths and beauty, and they are ready to see what was, what is, and what can be – for themselves, their children and their communities.


Two session options are available for portraiture:

Visibility Sessions

Shifting the Narrative Sessions


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