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Art Making Days


After your purchase you will receive an email from me within 24 hrs that includes your questionnaire and a link to schedule your session!

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The Quick & Dirty Virtual Session

You show up with the questions and the ideas, I’ll guide you in the process of expanding what you see or are having difficulty in clarifying (such as a fragment of an idea.)

Once you sign up for a session, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire via email to help us prepare for our time together when we might build on mood boards, look over whole bodies of work, go deep into creative visions and what’s holding you back from making them.

Virtual sessions are perfect for the creative (the painter, printmaker, photographer) who can’t commit to a lengthy mentoring program, is on a low production budget and/or who can’t make an in-person session but is craving some co-creation and wants on-the-fly feedback to fuel ideas and move forward with decisions.

Duration: 60min.

Location: Zoom!