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Below you will find links to all of the free resources and community projects throughout this site.

Wander. Dream and Discover. xo.


i am safe.

i am safe is an ongoing series of checklists and resources to help women navigate their healing journeys from spiritual trauma with more support and ease.




the portrait wardrobe guide to your star sign.

In this PDF you will find a mini wardrobe checklist for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Use these checklists when preparing for your personal portrait sessions, selfies, or daily wear to express the style written in your stars to the fullest and turn heads at the same time. Get it here.




develop your story.

Come back home to your true self, and create a visual language and style that represents the whole of who you are.

This digital journal of questions and exercises helps bring clarity to those who want to be more visible with their work and brand through photography, but aren't quite sure how they want to present themselves visually.