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The Art of Slow

A Digital Retreat for Creatives Tired of the Hustle and Ready to Embrace the Flow.

Registration for the program is now closed. See you again in the fall!

Creatives, we are burning out.

And, as a result, wanting to give up on the life force that helps us breath: our creativity.

We have been sold the idea that if we add just a few more hours into our work week, study a bit harder at marketing, spend a little bit more time on social media, use a few more hashtags in our posts, tweak our habits to get more out of our efficiency, follow this formula, and that one too…and,

…we will be successful at running a creative business.

But, as you know, that’s not always the outcome. Instead, we do the work we think we are supposed to do, and then, we are left in the dust of frustration, anger, depletion and a mental health crisis.

We are getting sick from the current ways in which we work and many of us don’t even realize it because the mindset to do more, be more, make more, push more, grow more – and faster – has become so imprinted onto our creative psyche that we believe it’s the only way to survive and thrive in the Age of Influence and a digital driven world. 

The result is that business comes first and our artistry (the air we need to breathe), comes second, rather than a harmonious relationship between the two.

Our creativity is choking, and our personal selves, suffocating. 

Now, let me ask you this:

Have you ever felt that your work is not worthy?

that no one wants what you have to give?

that you just don’t have the “it” magic that everyone else seems to possess?

that you and your work will never ‘fit’in?

that its all worthless and you should stop trying and give up now?


These questions are symptoms of the burnout.

And they are caused by: the pressures to craft the perfect brand, image, work/life balance and financial machine while also wearing the many hats of content creator, admin, social media expert, marketer, sales(wo)man, digital diva, BRAND, IN ADDITION to being the body and the brain that makes the art we are selling — or simply trying to enjoy making. 

And while designers and artists have built desirable brands to support the sale of their work for centuries, many of the methods we are encouraged to use today –the do more, be more, add just a bit more to your plate and don’t quit ‘till you have it all done– are leaving us tapped out and tapping out, because here is the big secret no one talks about: perfection doesn’t have a finish line and neither should your creativity.

You didn’t decide to build a creative business just to survive. You started one to thrive, to have more freedom, more autonomy and the opportunity to serve others in a meaningful way. And even if all that is taken away, you first started making art because your soul needed to. It still needs to.

There is another way.

You can still do all the things you want to do with your work in the world AND do it YOUR way.

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Welcome to The Art of Slow.

In The Art of Slow we focus on the health of your artistic practice and how you want your creative journey to look and feel like, because when you give care to your practice, your practice in turn nourishes you. The philosophy for this program is Slow Creativity, and our vitamin, presence. Over a period of four weeks, our intimate creative group will go on a digital retreat of artistic self (re)-discovery and a restoration of our creative energy.

Week 1

Call: Tuesday, May 28th, 8-9pmET

In the first week of The Art of Slow our focus will be on locating where and how we have been conditioned to practice our art in ways that are not in alignment with our own rhythms of creating; marketing our work in ways that leave us feeling stressed, confused and not only energetically, but CREATIVELY tapped out; and exposing and exploiting our creativity instead of protecting it… 

…so that you can design a program and/or practice that supports your natural creative rhythms, goals and whole-life outside of your art. We will also explore what self-care for the creative actually looks and FEELS like and what care for one’s CREATIVITY looks and feels like.

Week 2

Call: Tuesday, June 4th, 8-9pmET

In week two we go deep into the process of releasing expectations for our creativity that keep us stuck (both those imprinted on us by others and the ones we have created for ourselves). We examine our definitions of success and failure and how we are giving value to each of them. We get clear on how our current marketing, production and distribution practices of our art are making us sick. And, we further strengthen the boundaries of our practices developed in week one so that more freedom can be had in creating the work the heart really wants to make and delivering it in ways that keep both our audiences and ourselves full and inspired.

Week 3

Call: Tuesday, June 11th, 8-9pmET

Sacred Day of Creative Nourishment: Saturday, June 15th, 12-4pmET

Week three is devoted to our practices and commitments and how the current structures of each serve and do not serve our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and creative health. Reviewing the contracts we have made with ourselves and our work allows us to more clearly see which of our habits are causing pain and which are giving us more freedom for presence.

Then, we explore how to develop and implement long-term practices and commitments that feel aligned with our values and that are ease-y – and easily sustainable – while bringing us closer to our desired goals.

Week 4

Call: Wednesday, June 19th, 8-9pmET


In our final week of the program you will learn how to weave together your new found clarity around practicing and delivering your art with the practical application of intuitive and proven magic so that a support system for your intentions with your art is created. The practice of ritual magic and manifestation tools has helped me meet with dream clients, more visibility and more money. I want to teach these methods to you so that you can find yourself closer to your dreams too.

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May 28th - June 25th, 2019

If you are an artist in a digital driven world and feeling any of the following:

*isolation and loneliness from a lack of community

*lack of trust in your work

*getting stressed spending too much time trying to work the work online and not enough time to enjoy your off-line life

*the deep pressures to visually conform or step into a niche because it’s proven financially solvent and the work you want to do is not

*because you are still not experiencing the financial progress you want despite doing all the ‘right' things

Then you will want to join The Art of Slow designed just for creatives like you.

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Throughout the duration of four, weekly live calls, 30 days of email prompts and daily conversation/check-in within our private Instagram group you will become clear on:

*how you might be exploiting yourself and your art (and then developing boundaries to stay healthy in all of your bodies.)

*the natural rhythms of your artistic practice (and what choices you can make to support your unique flow of creative energy.)

*self-care practices and creative-care practices that you can turn to when you begin to feel the burn-out (so that you can still maintain connection with your art and audience).

*the production and marketing methods that are in alignment with your values and the healthiest output of your energy. (I know you want to be serving, not sleezy selling).

*how to apply ritual and practical magic making to your daily practices (supporting the goals and dreams for your work and creative business.)

Less output, more restoration.

Less chaos, more clarity.

Less stress, more flow.

AND a creative business that is a long-term practice, not a sprint.

Because working the work (aka the creative hustle) has an expiry date.

And you aren’t ready to meet yours.

*Limited to 14 participants.

$197 for Early Adopters of the program

*Registration closes May 25th.

The Program begins May 28th, just in time for the season of slower days. 


*you can also Add supplemental creative coaching

+ Receive a FREE Year-long subscription to my favorite astrological resource for creatives who want to rock their businesses all year long.

Reserve your spot for TWO, one-on-one 40 minute power sessions scheduled during the program. As a Thank you, receive a 365 day gift subscription to my favorite astrological resource for Creatives who want to rock their business (additional $99 value.)

Cost for Retreat + Coaching (Included is your FREE Year Long Subscription to the AstroBiz Digest): $450

To recap the details:

*You will be participating in four, 60 minute live group classes held on Zoom. Each class runs from 8-9pmET on the following dates:

May 28th, June 4th, 11th & 18th / All calls will be recorded and emailed in case you are unable to attend the live calls.

*Invited to a Sacred Day of (Creative) Virtual Nourishment and Art Making in addition to a BONUS NIGHT on June 25th to celebrate all the work you have done.

*Receiving 30 Days of Email Support providing daily creative prompts and creative journaling questions.

*Be part of a private Instagram account for daily check-in with our circle of artists and with the day’s daily creative prompts.

Investment for the Retreat Only: $197

*Prefer Paypal? We can do that too. Email me here and we’ll get you set up!