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I believe, as women, in order to dismantle the systems that are designed to keep us small, we must not be apologetic for who we are and what we want for our lives and our communities.

Because, YOU ARE: Powerful, Magical, Beautiful and Courageous. 

You CAN BE Vulnerable yet Brave and Soft yet Strong.

Your "flaws" – that beautiful skin of yours etched with stories, with history – those ARE YOUR PERFECTIONS.

And you are allowed to step into your purpose, take up space, push limits, rock the boat and define beauty, sensuality, love, life on your terms.

"You belong only to yourself, not to this world." –Nikita Gill


As a photographer, artist and woman, I believe in giving other women a platform for voice, and to be more present and deliberate about the way we present ourselves, telling our stories and our visions in our own words. 

My work serves women who are change agents, have stories to tell, and use their work to disrupt oppressive systems without being unapologetic about it.

who is the unapologetic woman?

The Unapologetic woman is:

the woman who is ready to embody more love and show up more fully in her relationship with herself.

the woman who is done measuring her self worth by whether or not she fits the societal molds designed to keep her small.

the woman who stands in integrity and follows her truth even if it means going against one’s upbringing and/or social conditioning.

the woman who speaks up for marginalized communities and is willing to trade in her privileges in order to help others rise.

the woman who holds others accountable for their actions and doesn't quiet herself when she has something to say.

the woman who is anchored in her own values and follows her heart when she needs to pivot or make a change.

the woman who writes the script of her life and doesn’t need anyone else’s permission to follow it.

the woman who lives her definition of freedom and doesn’t apologize for any of it.

Are you Ready to Be Unapologetically You?

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