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Pet Parts in Ritual Work

Every so often I will come across a lone whisker nestled between it's tumbleweed companion of dusty cat fir and the floor. "I've been waiting for you," it says to me.

Some of the whiskers are white. Some of them are black with a hint of brown. Some gradually change from brown to white. A few of these whiskers are short; others are long. The longer ones tend to be spindly, curling up and then over at the ends while the other half of the whisker lot is short but mighty, their magical heartbeats strong despite departure from Mother Cat. I will usually know which of my two felines has been shedding their vibratory sensors, (*important* because whiskers contain the spirit of the animal and each cat has their own magical gift to share) but sometimes their past eludes me and I must speak to the vibrissae itself. 

Me: Whisker, how would you like to work your magic? Would you prefer to be placed in the sacred bowl for safe keeping or would you like to go up on the working altar?

Whisker: I am need of some rest after my long journey with Mother Cat. I will take respite in the bowl.

As is usually the case. Though, there have been a few whiskers in my experience who are eager to participate in magical workings right away.  more...


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I'm Jacquelyn, an Artist, Traveler, Medium, Interior Alignment® Practitioner, Energetic Forecaster, Magic Maker and Old Soul. My background is in both the fine arts (printmaking and wallpaper) and the history of decorative arts and design (German 18th Century Palatial Interior Architecture and Renaissance Italian Gardens).

I specialize in working with the energetic history of antique and vintage objects and historical properties. By reading and clearing those spaces and objects I assist clients in the decision making process of purchasing items based on their provenance and energetic history and further advise in the most auspicious placement of that object within it's new home.  

Did I mention I also connect with loved ones on the other side and tell people their destinies? What are you waiting for? Let's go discover yours! more...


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