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Don't let self-love be a revolutionary act.

Make it a priority.


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Whether it's a session for yourself or with your little ones –finally, You get to be in the photograph, not just the person taking it.

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Don't let self-love be a revolutionary act. Make it a priority. Honor the language of your love, your life, your journey, your whole being – frame by frame.

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Time may fly, but your legacy lasts forever. Make it one of beauty, boldness and heart.   


hi there beauty,
open here.

Welcome. And so lovely to meet you.

I'm Jacquelyn, and I photograph women who are seekers of magic, who are devoted to their passions, and whose dreams lead the way.

I approach my portrait work as an experience in self-actualization and self-care; a visual document of personal journey, message, and march; a love letter to the heart.

The women I photograph are creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, survivors, thrivers and mothers -- to not only children but to game-changing work in this world. They know and honor their truths and beauty, and they are ready to see what was, what is, and what can be – for themselves and for their children.

They are committed to sharing their voices with the world.

Is that you?

Then, let's get started.


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raise your voice.

What is your style? What is your message? How do you use your voice?

Raise Your Voice is a three-month, creative coaching program for those who are new to a personal art practice or who have just returned to one after a long hiatus. Together, we work toward developing your visual voice (aka finding your style), choosing a subject matter that makes your heart skip a beat, and unearthing your core WHY, so that you can (finally) feel good about the work you are making.   


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I am safe.


Have you experienced an emotional or spiritual trauma as a result of leaving an abusive relationship? Do you have a dear friend or family member that has? In the days, weeks and months after a spiritual upheaval such as this, decision making and daily tasks of self-care can feel impossible to manage, especially when without in-person support.

Inspired by my own healing journey from a domestic abuse relationship, and the lack of resources available in the first few critical weeks of that journey, I've created this free checklist of practical healing tools to aide in spiritual anchoring during the day to day when your mind and heart are in recovery.

Access it here and keep it pinned to your door or in your pocket for as long as you need.

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