Please bear with us!

We are a work in progress this week.

(but name a work of art that is ever finished?)

You may see a hung piece as complete, but I can guarantee you the artist see's it as the bridge to his next creation.

(i would know, I am one.)   

Like the mind of an artist, life is a process that forever transforms, evolves, critiques.


(i'm usually dreaming of my next move before I can complete the stride of my current step.) 

As a live diary of my life, my work, my art, this site is never static; it is always in motion. 


As such, more pages will be loaded throughout the week. Luxe Products and Sacred Services will be rolled out in the coming months.

(The Mugwort is just about to flower, finally. Therefore, clearing bundles are being harvested and rolled this week!)

And the rest will come in divine timing.

Because Divine Timing is perfect timing and that's the timing perfectly suited for you, me, +us.


thank you. 

(now it's back to work! and a cup of Raven's Brew. i'm not kidding.)